Quantum Stake

A Casino that pays you to play

Consistent Weekly BNB Rewards.
House profit rewards splitting.
Revolutionary Poker experience.


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Our Quantum Goal

Quantum Stake has a vision to revolutionize the casino rewards system and give back more than ever to the QStake holders. Too many online casinos offer the same type of play to earn rewards. We strive to change that!

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4% to the Quantum Staking Wallet
4% QStake Redistribution
4% Development Fee


4% to the Quantum Staking Wallet
4% QStake Redistribution
7% Development Fee

What is Quantum Stake?

Quantum Stake (QStake) is an online Casino/Poker experience like no other. By staking 4% of the total trading volume on high APR / Low risk staking platforms and paying out the weekly profit to holders, secures a sustainable rewards system for our holders. The more QStake you own equates to a higher weekly reward and since our contract excludes wallets such as the burn address, liquidity and main project wallets, our holders rewards are maximized. Most native token redistribution systems are flawed as the holders have to sell those tokens to see a profit. The QStake redistribution paired with our weekly Quantum rewards system means that you will see a higher weekly reward from just earning and holding the redistributed tokens. The Quantum staking wallet is also funded by a percentage of the poker table rakes, tournament entry fees and total house profit. This is a revolutionary system as people who just hold the token and don’t gamble will earn more and more rewards.

Quantum Casino (Coming Soon)

The Quantum Casino will provide gamblers with all the top of the line games like slots, poker, table games, sports betting, and many other fun games. A percentage of the house earnings, poker rakes and tournament entry fees are deposited into the Quantum Staking wallet. That wallet is used to stake on High APR / Low Risk staking platforms and the weekly profits are rewarded to the token holders on a weekly basis. This system ensures that even in low trading volume, our holders weekly rewards get bigger and bigger as we re invest 10% back into the staking pool and pay out 90%.

How To Buy

Step 1: Download Metamask

Set up wallet and fund it with BNB. Make sure to have extra gas for fees.

Step 2: Login to Pancake Swap

Connect your metamask wallet on the top right corner.

Step 3: Add QStake Token

The QStake token will not come up on its own.
You will need to use the token address to add it. Copy and paste the token address below.


Step 4: Swap BNB for QSTAKE

You’re now ready to swap! Choose how much BNB you would like to swap for QStake.
Make sure to have enough BNB for gas fees. Adjust the slippage to 18%.


Step 5: Add to Metamask

Once the swap is confirmed, go back to your Metamask Wallet. Click “Add Token” and enter the token address below.


Our Team

Barry Babb

Lead Dev

Jay West

Marketing & Communications

Cam Carter

Marketing & Partnerships


What wallets support QStake?

Any BEP-20 friendly wallet will support QStake, for example Coinbase & Metamask are two.

Is my QStake safe on Metamask or any other BEP-20 wallet?

Yes, but always remember to never show your private keys or your 12-word seed phrase to anyone, we will never ask for those details.

How am I eligible for the rewards?

As long as you hold any amount of QStake tokens you will earn weekly BNB rewards, the more you have the more you earn.

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